Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Evil Knits - Review

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It gets bonus points for the mad cracked nail illustrations in the primer.

The book starts with an introduction to knitting and some techniques to work with, including soft circuits!  This is a pretty comprehensive introduction.

The Projects
Monkey with Miniature Cymbals - a knitted version of the clockwork toy.

Ferdy Hand Puppet - looks a lot like Freddy from Fridy the 13th...

Voodoo Doll Cat Toy - yeah, reverse stocking stitch voodoo style doll as a cat toy.

Necronomicon iPad Cosy, oh yeah, a plain bag with appliqued felt shapes and I-cord outlining.  Kinda cool, but also kinda creepy, has advice on resizing it for other electronic devices.

Shrunken Head in a jar, yeah, exactly what it says.

Zombie Egg Cosy - an egg cosy designed to stay on so it looks like you're eating it's brains...

Freak Show Finger Puppets - Bearded lady, elephant man and Lion-faced people, as finger puppets.

Creepy Clown cushion cover - yeah, creepy intarsia clown.

Monster Merry-go-round - potential for using luminous yarn...  A canopy with some dangling monsters.

Light-up ghost is a classic ghost shape with a simple LED to light it up

Abominable Snowman - a good way to learn fur stitch!  It's a pretty classic shape and style.

Kracken Tentacle - as suggested could be a Draft Excluder, throw pillow or as a cat bed.  Quite a funny piece

Nosferatu - inspired by one of the oldest adaptations of Dracula, this is pretty creepy with glowing LED eyes.

A Grue Wallet - a monster inspired wallet with a lot of detail and optional LED circuitry.

Zombie Marionette - a zombie puppet

Creature from the Black Lagoon Sleep Mask - a sleep mask knit in green with felt eyes, an icord frown and lined with felt.

Haunted House Diorama - knitted playhouse stiffened with Plastic Canvas, a pile of skulls, and some gravestones.

Little Witches are some small project.  weighted with a small beanbag they are a cute small project

Haunted Tree - a tree shape which uses PVA glue for some stiffening.

Entertaining projects but none of them really called on me to do them, the ones that involve electronics would be ideal first projects to try this as there isn't much involved in it.

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