Monday, 28 January 2013

Review: Simply Crochet

So I picked up a copy of the latest Crochet Magazine on the UK market, Simply Crochet. Surprisingly Easons had it in stock, they're legendary for not getting in crochet magazines.  Very sparse Ravelry Page.

I have to preface this by saying that I actually do like their website.  It's quite cool.  Food for creative thought.

The magazine itself is along the same lines as Molly Makes, more matt than most magazines in this sector, it looks very slick.

It opens with a few pages of inspiration and trends, the first section is about Bedroom ideas.   After some atmospheric pictures there are the patterns for that set.  First A Bright Blanket; then pillowcase edgings;  then cool cushions in a granny square stripes; some bunting; a hanger cover, frames, Granny Square Lampshade, all multi-coloured and probably great stashbusters.

Some Amigurumi lovebirds are next, an extract from teeny tiny crochet

Lecchi Blanket is next, a mellow blend of colours

Magical Circles is a scarf with links, interesting construction.

You're Collared a cute collar with buttons to decorate by Jane Crowfoot

Jane Crowfoot talks about inspiraton.

Pearly Queen is in a silk and mohair yarn and over 1,000 beads to add to this soft piece, something like an old-fashioned bed jacket. Designed by Nicki Trench

A discussion of Amigurmi is followed by a cute dragon and then by an interview with Stephanie Lau

Carol Meldrum offers a mock cable cowl

Sounds Like love is a heart headphones cover by Brenda K B Anderson

Nicki Trench's Comfort Blanket is largely plain with some border detail.

Then because it's February there are hearts, a plain heart pattern; set of hearts; heart corsage, cards and gift tie; mirror hanging; heart sachets; cute bookmark.

There are some yarn reviews followed by a how to get started section. Which includes how to work left-handed

Some Bracelets are followed by an interesting hat using granny squares; Hip to be Square by Lisa Gentry

A small baby cardigan by Sirdar is pretty simple and open.

Flower Power is a motif pattern

Heart & Home is a backing for a hook board, a different piece, from the book Granny Squares by Barbara Wilder, Melanie Sturm and Stephanie Gohr

There are some reviews of Craftsy and Etsy, followed by a quick interview with four women who have make crafting their living.

Strangely there's another Crochet essentials set of pages with no left-handed information.  This feels like duplication.

It's an interesting magazine that I'll be keeping an eye on; most of the patterns in this issue weren't really my aesthetic but there were a few that caught my attention, it shows potential and I wish it well in the future.

I bought a copy for myself from Easons.


  1. This is very similar to the review I have so far failed to finish and post. My feeling is that I might crochet more having seen this mag and I will keep an eye on it despite there not necessarily being much I'd make from this one.

    1. I've been threatening to do this for a few weeks, today I said to myself that I would just do it.