Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Knit your own zombie - review

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By Fiona Goble

The cover of the book talks about over 1000 combinations and it's probably true.  There are 9 basic patterns, 4 mash-up ideas and that would probably give you ideas for many more.
You basically knit a head, upper body and lower body and using Velcro attach them to each other, the arms attach using press-studs.  The pieces are knit flat, seamed and stuffed individually.  The author opens each pattern with some media examples of each type. 

The first pattern is for a classic zombie.  Only one eye, removable entrails and his ribs showing this one is pretty classic. There's also a jacket trousers and a rat pattern as accessories.

Frankenstein's monster is up next.  The pattern even includes a 40mm nut and bolt. He has slightly different trousers and jacket pattern included

Then we have a zombie cop with a thigh-bone truncheon, shirt, trousers, hat, boot and simple cuffs.

The village idiot mash-up shows how you can use a variety of the patterns to create a new monster and maybe spark some ideas

Zombie fatale is the first female character we encounter.  Her heart is removable and she has shiny bead nails.  A beehive hairdo  topped with a hat and a dress completes this ensemble.  She also has a shoe and bandage

Dracula makes an appearance too, looking quite like Sesame street's count. He has a cane, waistcoat, cape and a bat as accessories

Next we have another mash-up, the mother of the bride, another opportunity to mix and match

The zombie chef is quite scary with full chef gear including two knives.

Next up is the biker chic zombie mash-up.

Zombie gravedigger owes a lot to Baron Samedi described as female because of the purple hat, this animated skeleton screams voodoo to me.  Hat, spade and rope accessories.

Zombie rock star has removable brains and long hair, along with a jacket and trousers.

Last mash-up is of yoga zombie mostly using the zombie gravedigger parts.

Final pattern is for the bandages to make any of the zombies into a mummy.

In common with a lot of her books you have to be prepared to do some sewing with this and there's a fair bit of both sewing and detail embroidery to keep a lot of people busy.  Would be a great gift for a zombie lover or for something to make for one.  You could get several birthdays out of making parts on a regular basis.

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