Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Knitting in 1939

Amazon.com Link: 1939: The Last Season

From 1939 The Last season by Anne De Courcy, I have been interested for years in the interwar period and this was an interesting read, as I was reading I was amused to come across these little snippets about knitting.

p5 "Society lived well. The rich drove Daimlers, Rolls-Royces and the now forgotten Lanchester (its selling point: 'At 50 m.p.h. you can knit comfortably')."

p184 "The habit of knitting in the ballroom, however, was becoming ever more popular. Needles clicked away merrily among the rows of chaperones sitting along the walls. Lady Acland, respponsible for starting the whole thing a few weeks earlier, brought an ambitious piece of work with her to one dance, a wool dress to which she managed to add several inches during the course of the evening. Even so, one chaperone who brought a mauve jumper she hoped to complete during a dance at Claridges did not have the courage to bring it into the ballroom when she realized everyone else was empty-handed, and left it bundled up ignominiously in the cloakroom."

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