Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Amazon.com link: The Rowan/brother Designer Machine Knitting Book

Name of Book: Rowan/Brother Designer Machine Knitting Book
Author: Stephen Sheard (editor)
Any other info: 1989, Century Hutchinson, 0712622411

Types of patterns: Garments

Number of Patterns: Jumper (17); Cardigan (7); Skirt (3); Waistcoat (2)

Split of patterns: Men and Women

Size Range: 91-122cm (36-48") (not all patterns cover all ranges)

Colour/Black & White - Colour photos, black and white charts

Schematics: Yes

Target Audience: Machine knitters with some colourwork experience

How to knit guide : this has a primer on Machine Knitting involved

Classic 80's

Comments: This is full of boxy 80's cardigans and jumpers, colourwork from that time and models swamped by their garments. The men seem to fare a lot better than the women but it's touch and go sometimes. If you really wanted to you could probably knit them by hand or use some inspiration from them to handknit patterns. It's not the worst of it's kind and there are alternative colourways pictured regularly but it's quite dated.

Buy/Borrow: Borrow this sucker and buy if you must

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries have a copy or two.

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