Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Amazon.com link: Travellers' Yarns
Name of Book Traveller's Yarns
Author: Sue Bradley
Any other info: 1988, Sidgwick and Jackson, 0283995262

Types of patterns: Garments & accessories

Number of Patterns: Waistcoat (1), Hat (9); Tie (1); Jumper (12); Gloves (3); Cardigan (8); Shirt (1); Coat (3); Bag (2); top (1); Bracelet (2); Headband (2); Skirt (2); dress (1); Earrings (1); slipover (1)

Split of patterns: Womens

Size Range: 81-91cm (32-36in)/97-102cm (38-40") are the commonest two sizes available

Colour/Black & White; colour pictures, some illustrations, colour charts

Schematics: Yes, at the back of the book

Target Audience: Intermediate, you need to know your colourwork for this one.

How to knit guide: no

Classic 80's.

Comments: Oh man, two sizes of boxy oversized pattern busy garments, this is quite the explosion in a paint factory experience. I could imagine using particular motifs from the patterns in an otherwise plain garment but these are just too much.

It does have some merit. There are interesting sketches and inspiration pieces, artwork and swatches before each chapter but the mishmash of cultural motifs and ideas just make me shake my head and wonder why.

Buy/Borrow: Oh if you don't believe people who shudder at the thought of some 80's pattern books, this is a must borrow. Wonder and weep.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has a copy.

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