Wednesday, 27 January 2010 link: Knits to Fit and Flatter
Name of Book: Knits to Fit and Flatter
Author: Jane Ellison
Any other info: 0715331469, David & Charles, 2009

Types of patterns: Garments

Number of Patterns: 12; Sleeveless top (3); Cardigan (4); Jumper (4); Coat (1)

Split of patterns: Women

Size Range: 32-50 (though most are 32-46)

Colour/Black & White: Colour

Schematics: yes but they're not solid outlines, they're watercolour or something.

Target Audience: Intermediate to stretching beginner

How to knit guide: no, how to do some of the more complicated bits plus a lot of fitting to your own figure notes

Pretty modern but some classical pieces

Comments: I wanted to like this one, I really did. And there are a number of things to like about it. The fact that most of the pieces are done in two different yarns so you can see how a little difference would change things; though there is a cheat at least once where it's just a different colour of the same yarn. The fact that there are notes about how to change things to fit, also some notes on what flatters whom.
However, several of the garments are quite shapeless for a book called Knits to Fit and Flatter, in fact there's not a lot of fitting and in several instances I'd question the flattering! A slash neck, off the shoulder sloppy joe jumper neither fits nor does it flatter everyone. Straight lines predominate this book and I was left vaguely dissatisfied and feeling like the title was misleading. The patterns aren't bad (and I have to admit to having a bit of a lust after the Shawl collar cardigan) but they don't stand out for me and don't convince me that they necessarily work with the title given. I was also put off by some of the photography, the wrap top on the cover doesn't appear anywhere with a full front view nor does the Twice as nice cardigan (she reckons that a rib cardigan is an "intermediate" make BTW) the great lengths coat is only shown from the front in the blue colourway not in the Noro and you can see curling causing an issue. This is one where really the effort required to make the patterns work satisfactorily might be more than most are willing to put in.

Buy/Borrow: I'd borrow first and see if they inspire. I had a meh reaction.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has a few copies.

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