Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Socks

Just finished another pair of socks. They're the Chartes Chausettes (Ravelry Link) I had one of them almost finished but I lacked one thing, the instructions for a crocheted eyelet cast-off, as it turns out being left-handed didn't make it easy to do this so I de-constructed it and knit it.

For Mock Crocheted Eyelet Cast-off

K1, insert LH needle into stitch just stitched from the front and knit again. *k1, insert lh needle into front of last 2 stitches, k2tog, insert LH needle into front of stitch, k1 - repeat from * to last stitch, pick up stitch and slip last stitch over picked up stitch, fasten off.

These are the second pair of toe up socks I've knit. Not a bad pattern. I added half a repeat to the leg as I often wear ankle boots and need a longer leg. These only used 51g of the 100g ball!

Front and side shots




The true colour is somewhere between the two shots more purple than pink, honest.

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