Thursday, 22 April 2010

Two finished items

Several people I know are having children so I've started making a few baby gifts which are going to be stored until the time is right, here are two of them

Circular Baby Blanket

available free here I like the way it turned out, after knitting my way around I knit 2 rows of seed stitch then a k2tog yo row and then 2 more rows of seed stitch before abandoning knitting and crocheting 4 rows of trebles (doubles in US) leaving 2g of this yarn left.

and Ball
designed by Irish Designer Carol Feller and published in Knitty here Made from leftovers from the second Art of Knitting throw, a fun knit. I thought I had enough left of the two colour block to make it in one colour but I like how it worked, I also couldn't find the green colour for a while so there's an uneven number of squares of each colour but I reckon a kid will like it anyway.

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