Sunday, 11 April 2010

Summer top

In the current Interweave Knits I spotted a top, the Betty's Tee(from Interweave Knits) Ravelry Link I had three hanks, one dark and two light. I knew that I would need more yarn and was thinking about changing texture for it but I may change colour again to a cream. The first ball of dark did the base blocks with a bit left over. There's about the same amount left over from the first body block.

Today was wonderfully sunny and for a while I was outside on one of the chairs knitting. I'm now finished the first body block but the photograph just caught the moment of sun and promise of summer so I felt a need to share.

summer top in the sun My Project Notes on Ravelry made public!

The needles I'm working with are from La Laine in Berlin from a visit in about 2003; the dark yarn is from Jenners in Edinburgh, from about 5 years ago and the light yarn is from a sale in This is Knit, so as a commenter said on Twitter, very European!

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