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Fashion Crochet by Caroline Horne

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other info: Mills & Boon, 1969, 263707369

Types of patterns: Mostly clothing

Number of Patterns: Bag (1); Hat(2); Stockings (1); Suit (2); Coat (2) Dress (2); shawl(1)

Split of patterns: women

Size Range: 34-40"; most patterns only offer 1-2 sizes

Colour/Black & White: Black and white

Schematics: No

Target Audience: Beginner Crocheters

How to Crochet guide: Yes

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Fairly Clasiscal


The book opens with a guide on how to crochet, illustrated, then a how to read a pattern section and then on to the patterns

First is how to make a handbag, lined.

A crochet beret

A crochet hat

Stockings! Using Nylon thread

A Tailored suit with raglan sleeves - this is very Chanel.

3/4 length coat with raglan sleeves

Car Coat

Two-coloured Dress

Classic Teenagers dress

Cape Suit

Evening Shawl

The book finishes with suggested colour uses in the patterns; lengthening advice, and lining advice along with an announcement that from July 1st 1969 mm were coming in as standard and while the patterns are offered with old imperial crochet hook sizing, there is a conversion chart to mm sizing.

This is not a modern book and the sizing is very limited but it is an interesting book, not only is it part of the history of crochet but it's also published by Mills & Boon when they weren't just a romance novel production house. You would have to do a certain amount of research on the yarns cited to discover what the originals would have looked like and there's a lack of colour photographs (excepting the front cover); all the patterns are presented in fashion style sketches featuring a Twiggy-esque sketch wearing the garment.

Buy/Borrow: It belongs more as an historical book than a modern pattern book, though some of the principles would remain the same. However with the limited sizing and lack of schematics it's not too helpful, a book originally intended for a beginner or intermedite crocheter, it's now really a book for an intermediate or advanced worker.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has a copy.

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