Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Year, New Ambitions

I've been a bit behind in updating this blog recently, *sigh*, the damned PC apparently picked up some sort of infection and decided that a go-slow was the only way, then when I changed to Ubuntu there was issues with Firefox, now I'm working with Chromium and things appear to be fine. Some minor tweaks needed and a minor learning curve and hopefully things will continue well.

I have some ambitions for 2011.

1. To publish a pattern, one of my patterns is in the hands of a test knitter.

2. To knit several patterns from my queue, at least 11

3. To knit 11 pairs of socks

4. to knit at least 2 adult garments.

5. to knit more from my stash than I buy (this should be easy, the government has gutted my wages)

6. To finish at least half the works in progress currently on my projects page, either finish or rip.

7. to knit at least one pair of knee socks for me

8. To knit Kilt Hose for Mac

9. To review at least 20 books

10. To knit at least 4 patterns from books I own

11. to keep the Irish Knitters updates going.

1 comment:

  1. An ambitious list, but I've no doubt you'll get it all done. The socks, definitely, you churn them out!