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Styles - Sally Melville

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Types of patterns: Garments, mostly

Number of Patterns: 27

Split of patterns: Jacket/Cardigan (6); Dog Coat (1); Vest (7); Children's Cardigan (2); Child's Jumper (1); Jumper (6); purse (1); coat (2); dress (1)

Size Range: 40-54 inches for adults

Colour/Black & White: Colour

Schematics: yes

Target Audience: impulse stashers. More intermediate or advanced knitters.

How to knit guide: Not the basics but some more specialist techniques are put forward


Comments: This book has dated a bit but some of the information is invaluable. She explores colour theory quite well in the beginning of the book and also shows where the colours come on a colour-wheel

The first chapter uses mostly Garter Stitch

Jessica's Jacket - blocky children's drop-shouldered jacket with a rainbow of stripes. Knit in Chunky weight yarns

Homer's Vest is a pretty simple Dog jumper with a very dark or black yarn twinned with a rainbow yarn in aran weight yarn.

Uncle Jeremey's Vest is a blocky waistcoat designed for men, in dk weight yarn. Subtle squares decorate this blocky garment.

Gander Blips Vest - an interesting surface use of a contrast yarn. Would be good for small amounts of an expensive or interesting contrast yarn, while the main colour is worsted weight the contrast can be in dk to chunky. A blocky waistcoat

Gander Blips Jacket uses the same technique for a cropped blocky jacket. This time the main colour is in an Aran Weight yarn and the contrasts in worsted to chunky weights.

Inspired-by-the-Log-Cabin Jacket. Knit in different directions this uses a worsted weight main colour (the original in a dark gray) while DK to aran Light to medium intensity colours. this is knit ina modular fashion, round necked jacket

The second chapter is Simple Fairisle

Caddy's Cardigan is done in both childrens (dk weight yarn) and adult (worsted with dk to aran weight contrasts). The children's is in brighter colours while the adult is more muted. Blocky garments.

The third chapter is Not-Your-Usual Intarsia

Standing-in-a-pile-of-leaves Pullover is a childrens garment that looks like a pile of leaves with leaves cascading down, the colours are autumnal, the background dark. The main colour is DK, the contrast colours are sport to worsted weights. There's also an Adult version, where the main colour is Aran weight and the Contrast colours DK to aran weights.

Standing-in-a-pile-of-leaves vest is a pointed front waistcoat, knit with the main colour in Aran weight and the contrast DK to Aran Weight.

Laurel's Jacket is a patchwork of squares in different colours. The sleeves are knit in one colour, with saddle shoulders, pointed front, sleeves can be knit plain or with a lace pattern. The sleeves are chunky weight, the body chunky to aran, she suggests textured yarns. As the sleeve colours can be used in the body I would be inclined to knit the sleeves first and then use as much of the remaining yarn in the body.

The fourth Chapter is Tweed Stitch Squares

Topher's Pullover is offered in a DK (with dk to aran contrasts) or Worsted weight (with DK to Aran contrasts too); square blocky jumper with squares that can be subtle or highly contrasting. Done in Childrens and adult versions

The Whistler Vest is a similar garment to the Topher Pullover, again subtle colour contrasts. Main colour DK, contrasts DK to Aran weight

Kenneth's Classic Vest is a pointed front waistcoat, again with squares, main colour worsted weight, contrasts DK to aran weight.

Ski Suit Cardigan has ribbed plain sleeves, it's a cropped cardigan, main colour worsted, contrasts DK to Aran weight yarns.

Tweed Stitch with Cables is the fifth chapter

Randy's Pullover was knit in quite bright colours and then overdyed and is quite subtle, again a blocky garment, it's knit in DK with DK to worsted contrasts.

Dress-Up Vest is a long-line waistcoat knit in dk with dk to aran contrasts, knit in subtle colours with either a round or v-neck

Annalee's Jacket is designed to be knit in a short range of colours, main colour DK, contrast DK to Aran weights. She suggests looking at stash and using a range of one colour. One of the sample garments is knit in very close shades and looks interesting.

The last chapter is Knitting as Warp, where you knit a garment loosely and then weave in contrast yarns

She starts this chapter with a bag that's basically a how-to for this technique. If this technique appeals you can then move on to the other patterns in the chapter

Shannon's Pullover has squares of contrast yarn in DK to Aran, main colour in Aran.

Tricia's Coat has diagonal stripes, the main colour is chunky, with diagonal colour and contrast colour in Chunky or doubled dk/worsted

Shadow Box Coat is a boxy coat, knit in chunky with Contrast as chunky or doubled dk/worsted.

Riley's "Jeans" pullover is made for children, main colour DK, contrasts in sport, dk or worsted.

Kilim Coat Dress is a dress inspired by kilim fabric, main colour DK, contrasts in DK to worsted. A short length button fronted dress with long sleeves.

Kilim vest is similar to the Kilim Dress but v-necked and long-line. Knit in Aran weight with DK to Aran contrast yarns.

The book also has a chapter on basic pattern drafting.

The garments aren't very fitted and in fact are very blocky but this book caught my eye more for inspiration than for the garments themselves. To fit todays sensibilities you would need to do some work on some of the pieces but it does show some great ways to use up impulse buys.

Buy/Borrow: I'd borrow it to see what you think, I borrowed it and it went straight on my wishlist. The patterns do show age but I found them inspirational. I have a lot of small quantities of yarn in my stash and this could be great to help me reduce the amount of excess yarn with a small outlay for some base yarns.

Where found: I got it via Borrowbooks from Cork County Libraries.

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