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Knitting Experience Book 3: Color the power and the glory

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Types of patterns: mostly clothing

Number of Patterns:44: Tea Cosy (1); Baby Jacket (1); Wrap (2); Jacket/cardigan (8); Jumper (12); Cuff (1); coat (1); scarf (2); Afghan (2); Tie (1); Top (3); waistcoat (2); Bag (1); Runner(1); Placemats(1); Skirt (3); Poncho (2)

Split of patterns: Men/women/children; mostly women some men and children and unisex

Size Range: Child 2-14 (21"-31.5"); Women (28-54"); Men (34-52") not all patterns in all sizes

Colour/Black & White: both

Schematics: yes, for pretty much everything

Target Audience: All levels really, most are pretty simple, probably mostly around the intermediate rate.

How to knit guide: there is a small reminder of some techniques at the back, but this is a continuation of the Knit & Purl books from the same series so some basic skills required.

Experimental/Classical/Modern: mostly classical with some more experimental patterns in there, some are quite blockly and oversized

Comments: As I said about Styles the patterns may not be for everyone, however the inspiration I have got from flicking through this book more than makes up for the boxy shapes and general shapelessness of the garments. However, there are some pieces that make me think about knitting them albeit with some modifications. The standout piece for me is the Panel-Party Tunic/Pullover/Dress, I want to make one nowish. This could be quite good for that slightly off yarn or those oddments that are close but not good enough of a match for a full garment. The information of how to combine yarns to make a particular weight is useful.
(2 superfine = 1 light
3 superfine = 1 medium
1 superfine + 1 light = 1 medium
2 fine = 1 medium
3 fine = 1 bulky
2 superfine + 1 light = 1 bulky
2 light = bulky
1 medium +1 fine = bulky)

The first chapter is about letting the yarn do the work. The Yarn-party poncho is basically 8 scarves sewn/crocheted together and made into a poncho

Summer breeze is a shapeless top buttoned to the side.

Faith Jacket is 15 strips sewn and then a shapeless jacket created

Blanket Jacket is a big bulky jacket that resembles many, it's not a bad style.

Jeremy's Jacket is a jumper soemwhat like the blanket jacket but more styled for men.

Choker Cuff started off as a minimal scarf that the model wrapped around her wrist and they liked it

Nancy's Skirt is a wool a-line shortish skirt with a lace patterning

Second Chapter is Stripes Simple and Not

First pattern is Skinny Stripes: a funnel or v-neck jumper, not for me with horizontal stripes.

Broad Stripes is a jumper with two different necks and a top with a broad stripe in the middle and other sized stripes along the body

Wobbly Stripes is a jumper with stripes made wavy by a lace pattern

Graduated stripes is a man and child jumper with graduated stripes

Collar-closing cardigan, using a variety of yarns for the body and collar, the collar is quite wide

The third chapter is Stripes that aren't.

Cynthia's Scarf/Afghan is a log-cabin pattern that can be made into a scarf or worked into an afghan, squares are worked and sewn together

Nod to Mod Pullover is a modular jumper that could be a great way to use up a variety of colours.

Big Bang Wrap is a a stripy wrap knit in a variety of colours, houndstooth pattern with a bit of a ruffle

Linen Stitch wrap is a 4 contrast colour wrap

Linen-stitch runner and placemats are what they say they are

Baby Rainbow Jacket uses the contrast yarn well and plays with the reverse side of the fabric because it looked interesting.

Slip-into-color pullover. Tweed stitch using a variaget yarn to create interest. Could also be a good use of leftovers.

Faux check Pullover - with a slip stitch and some stitching into a lower row it makes a houndstooth pattern.

Little Squares is an oversized jacket worked in the reverse of the faux check pullover, for a different look, the sample is knit in a heavy and light yarn for a different look.

Wrong-side sweater is again using the back of the faux check pullover and with a long tail on the back

Eds Tie uses three colours and a fairly simple stitch to create a fairly solid tie.

The 2-colour tradition is the next chapter, starting with the KISS purse that looks as good inside-out as outside in, it's fulled so useful for learning

North-Inspired cardigan is inspired by Icelandic patterns, the use of colour is interesting. Designed for infants or women, infant copies are always good for trying out techniques.

In Praise of Doodling is a zipped waistcoat for men and a toggled cardigan for women. The cardigan has saddle shoulders to add interest and the cuffs are done in the same colourway as the body, while the arms are done in a contrast colour

The Seventies is a vintage style poncho sized for a child or adult.

Not-Mrs-D's-Suit is a two parter, a skirt bordered with a two-colour snowflake design, the second part is a funnel neck pullover, done in a single colour yarn.

Panels, pictures and plaids is the last chapter.
Boyfriend Sweater is a large-scale jumper with vertical stripes, with dental moulding style detail

Princess Pullover is a jumper that can have a lot or a little colourwork, there's princess seams, decorated with button details.

Colour Party Parka is an oversized parka with many, many colours.

Annalee's Tea Cozy is a argyle fulled tea cozy.

Shared Border Cardigan is a riff off the Boyfriend Sweater with an asymmetrical hem.

Panel Party skirt is done in pieces that are sewn together, a short skirt with lace and ribbing.

Panel Party tunic/pullover/dress using the same principle as the skirt this is an interesting piece, funnel necked, this would be a great piece for using almost identical yarns. The designer used a variagated yarn for the lace part and plain yarns for the ribbed sections, the sleeves are ribbed and plain. You could probably use more colour, or odd balls that are similar colours that co-ordinate with the plain yarn. Also odd yarn lots would be broken up by the co-ordinating yarn and covered up.

Knitting Bag Jacket uses the pattern from a knitting bag, a round-necked cardigan this highlights multiple odments of yarn

Fishes is an oversized top or jumper, with simple blocky fish shapes decorated with either buttons or duplicate stitch.

Simple Plaid Scarf/Afghan using slip stitch, stripes and intarsia to create the plaid effect

Simple Plaid Top, it's slightly asymmetrical, it's a sleeveless top in a similar stitch to the scarf/afthan

Simple Plaid Vest - designed for men

Several of the pieces are just not me, but it's more the information and the ideas that sparkled through my head as I flicked through this book that make me want to order a copy for me! The portions about colour theory and how to knit with colour are well done and extensive. They're also attached to the chapters that deal with the concepts, so minimising the flicking through the book!

Buy/Borrow: well I intend to shell out for a copy. It's a good accompaniment to the rest of the series and if you're looking for ideas this one does supply, and also talks about colour theory, with a lot of ideas and examples. Some of the patterns

Where found: Cork County Library supplied this via Borrowbooks.

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