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Types of patterns: accessories & Garments

Number of Patterns: 19: Earrings (1); Necklace (1); Bag (1); Bracelet (1); Scarf/Wrap (2); Tunic (1), Belt (1); Shawl (1); Bolero (1); Cardigan (3); Top/vest (4); Dress (1); Jacket (1);

Split of patterns: Women

Size Range: 34"-46" (86.5cm-117cm)

Colour/Black & White: Colour pictures, black & White diagrams with some colour highlights

Schematics: For garments

Target Audience: Feels like Intermediate Crochet to me

How to knit guide: Basic guidelines and motif crochet guidelines at the start.

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Modern but some pieces are pretty classical.

Comments: I'm not an expert crocheter, and these pieces aren't terribly complicated, I did want to really like them but while they're nice, there's something missing here. Nice but not nice enough really. I think it's possibly that they're just not me.

Heather Earrings & Necklace - crocheted in fine crochet thread these are an interesting use of crochet motifs.

Nicki Tote - using circles, crochet a bag, this needs the lining to be useful.

Julie Cuff - Motif braclet, perfect for people who are allergic to metal, particularly if fastened with a non-metal button

Madison Scarf - Various sizes of motifs in a worsted weight yarn fastened in sequence, this is probably a perfect introduction to joining motifs as you go.

Isabella Wrap - a one-size fits all sport-weight wrap with some interesting openings, and edging, looks like a folk costume shawl/wrap

Maureen Tunic - This one attracted me and then I looked again, it's almost off the shoulder with a deep v front, nice but I'm not expert enough to make this work for me.

Nora Belt - semi-chain-link belt.

Sheryl Shawl - almost shell shaped semi-circular shapes join to make a shawl in sport-weight. Done in two contrast colours this could be quite an interesting piece

Katie Bolero - Worsted Weight bolero that fastens with two toggle buttons, it's a nice piece, I'd be tempted to do it for a special occasion but the under-garment would have to come first. Wonderfully ornate and interesting

Megan Sweater - A coat/cardigan in quite open motifs, this one tempted me but I realised that I prefer my cardigans a little more closed for the main body. Worked in DK weight yarn

Maggie Wrap Top - Short wrap top that again would tempt me if I had the garment to go under it, again in DK weight yarn

Paige Sweetheart Top - DK work, summer short sleeve cardigan

Raeanne Shawl Sweater: Interesting piece in sport-weight yarn, side buttoning very wide shawl collar that reminds me of sailor collars.

Sarah Bee Dress - openwork dress that needs a lining or full slip. Broad shoulders would cover most bra straps but the underarm looks from pictures as if it needs a bit of work.

Rachel Swing Jacket - Elbow length sleeves with a bit of contrast, this is a double breasted swing jacket that's worked in Sport-weight yarn from the top, the sleeve and a strap on the back are done in contrast yarn. This one is definitely not me.

Rebecca Vest - tank top with small eyelets and contrast edging (edging almost lost in the photograph - bad stylist, no cookie) done in fingering weight yarn

Christin Crop- trop top with short sleeves in Worsted weight yarn, off centre closure

Courtney Corset Top - the name is a bit of a misnomer, it doesn't really say corset to me but it is a deep v neck top with short puff sleeves with a high rib (on the cover of the copy I have it's the central picture)

The book also has the back flap with the symbols on it, very useful.

As I said, while some of the pieces appeal they didn't appeal enough to make me want to reach for my needles, however they're not bad designs and I wouldn't mind looking at them again some day.

Buy/Borrow: Borrow and see if they appeal, it's not a book I plan to buy right now but it might just get bought sometime in the future.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has some copies.

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