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Everyday Crochet

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Types of patterns: Garments and a few accessories

Number of Patterns: 24

Split of patterns: Women

Size Range: 30-52, not in all patterns but some are quite loose so it doesn't really matter.

Colour/Black & White: Colour photographs. Black and white crochet charts.

Schematics: Yes and broken down into modules, like sleeve length to cuff, cuff size etc.

Target Audience: Not really aiming at the rank beginner, still it's not the most complicated and once you get the shells she uses and the starting chain stitch you've really got the basics you need right there

How to Crochet guide: No, some guides to some of the stitches and symbols but that's about it.

Experimental/Classical/Modern : Modern feel but fairly classical shapes and concepts.

Comments: This one had me reaching for my hook and wondering what yarn to use first. I like the concepts and the styles, while some of them are a bit much and I really would like to see a v-neck cardigan in the mix I like how it's done. While there are 24 patterns (including some accessories) really there's 5 patterns with some variations and the accessories. They're divided into chapters for you to follow what you're doing. Then go to page 138 for the starting chain and then get stuck in. Remember that this is US terms.

Pattern Links to Ravelry.
Chapter 1 needs to be read, particularly the part marked "I told you So", read it again after reading the pattern.

Chapter 2 is called Sleek Starters: Cami-Tanks. Camisole tops and tank tops. The first one is called Cameo. Scooped top, pretty plain, slim straps. What people in Ireland would probably refer to as a vest.

Sweet Tea is the first variation (the one I made) Thicker straps basically. I should have made them longer, this may have to be fixed later.

With Somnambulista she takes the vest and ads a skirt for a nightdress or slip. Sweet stuff

Chapter 3 is called Tops of the Line: Pullovers. Starting with Jewel, a 3/4 length top with an open neckline.

No Sweat lengthens the body, adds vents, longer sleeve cuffs and round collar and produces a jumper.

Runaround adds a crew neck shortens the sleeves and works in a lighter fabric for a t-shirt style top.

Tall Latte: puts a cuff on the 3/4 length sleeves and changes round to V for the neck, contrast colours on the cuffs adds a bit to this one.

Rah-Boon-Dee-Ay adds ruffled lace cuffs and end and plays with the v again for an oversized top. the sleeve holes in this look a bit too open but I think it's meant to be that open. You may have to adjust before finishing.

Chapter 4 is Captivating Cover-ups: Cardigans.

Starting with Cinnabar which is a pretty classic cardigan. The only thing that makes me think twice about this one is the neckline, I'd prefer a more v-ed shape. I keep coming back to it and thinking about it!

Soft Serve is pretty much a bed jacket, it could be a quite pretty evening jacket

Mocha Rocha widens the sleeves to a bell and adds a contrast trim and cuffs. The edge curves away nicely. This one isn't my style, I could see people who might like it though.

Mei-Mei is a bolero jacket, it features on the cover of the copy I have, I'm not impressed by it.

Chapter 5 is Layer it On: Vests starting with Galena which is a pullover vest, deep v - probably my next project in crochet.

Eve's Rib Tunic adds length and a cowl collar and ribbed armbands

Insight is also vying for my attention, open fronted, plunging neckline with ties for a nice fluid waistcoat.

4-S Vest The four Sstand for Short, Striped, Sassy & Shell. It's done in yarn that needs a 6mm hook, rounded neck, 3 button waistcoat

Chapter 6: Warm Ways- Coats. Starting with Haru, a open tunic style top designed for a yarn like noro.

Shannon adds longer sleeves and a collar.

Outta Sight - it's pretty much a reflection of the 60's long waistcoats, with design notes to finish earlier or later if you wish. Short sleeves

Chapter 7 is Added Interest - Belts and Closures starting with sash-A, pretty much a plain belt.
Hardware is a bulky crocheted variation on Sash-a

Software is a loop belt, joined links

Multitask- tabbed belt that takes some aspects of Sash-A and some of Software

In-Line Links are paired buttons so that you can use the advantage of the crochet to move buttons to where you want them on the day.

Buy/Borrow: I borrowed a copy and then bought my own, the relative simplicity appeals to me. The crocheting was almost mindless at times but gave me a great garment at the end.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has copies, I bought mine from the Book Depository.

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