Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cardigan plans

I have 10 balls of this yarn
i.e. 1,690m of Aran weight cotton yarn.

I'm thinking about making a cardigan out of it.

I have a long-list, I prefer low necked cardigans and preferably something that looks as good open as shut.

First up is the Ruffled Surplice Ravelry Link it's pretty, but maybe a little too pretty and lacking a bit in the usefulness I need.

There's Ophelia Ravelry Link possibly underusing the yarn, I would be left with a lot of it over.

There's Hey Teach Ravelry Link possibly a bit too girly for me really, again a bit of an underuse

Sitcom Chic Ravelry Link may be a little to short around the shoulders, I wouldn't fasten it up there as well. I could add a row of eyelets underbust to where it would suit me better.

Otis Ravelry Link could be quite nice, fails in the fastening but there are suggestions of different ways to fasten it that would suit me for my more open style

If I make one of the patterns with less yarn I might make this Candy Cardigan Ravelry Link afterwards out of the leftovers

Salt Peanuts (ravelry Link) is also a possibility but I'm not sure that it wouldn't be better in wool.

Nordique Swing(ravelry Link) is also a possibility but with the same reservations as Salt Peanuts and the collar would probably annoy.

Dollar and a half Ravelry Link has possibilities.

Nantucket Jacket Ravelry Link is another possibility.

Buckland Cardigan - PDF Link Ravelry Link has the advantage of being plain to reflect the slightly variegated yarn

Sea Breeze - PDF Link Ravelry Link is interesting. The cable will keep me knitting and keep my interest

Fern - PDF link Ravelry Link is kinda cute but maybe too cute for me and too cute for that yarn.

The Eyelet Cardigan (Ravelry Link) has some interesting structure but I'm not sure that it wouldn't be more ornamental than useful and I'm looking for useful in this.

Que Sera
- Ravelry Link Appeals, the neckline is a little open, but I might be able to fix that.

The Java Foldback Placket Ravelry Link is interesting but may be a good forum for using up some left-overs.

Drops Cardigan
- Ravelry Link is again fairly plain, the rib has some interesting detailing.

So does anyone have any input? Advice? Opinions?

ETA: Part asking and part collecting the patterns in one place (and closing tabs!)


  1. I would go for Nantucket Jacket or Sea Breeze - think they look interesting to make and would suit you.



  2. They're both making me look at them again and wonder if they would work.

  3. I'm currently looking for similar so I can't help => I have however favourite'd some of your links!

  4. Glad to hear that I'm having an influence!