Friday, 14 May 2010

Gauge Swatch and socks

After asking for help about what to knit in that aran yarn I found out that it looked best knit in 4.5 or 4mm needles NOT 5mm and while I did get gauge with it for Sea Breeze it just didn't look right to me.

Tension square cotton
is the gauge swatch 4mm to the left, 4.5mm in the middle and 5mm to the right. It was washed and the gauge checked after washing, I even put some clothes pegs on it to pull it down a bit.

So I had to find another pattern with smaller needles so I picked the Seaside Cardigan And am almost finished the shoulders and increasing part.

Today I finished the first of another pair of socks.

Honeycomb sock 1

The yarn is called Hummel or Bumblebee and the pattern is called Green Merino Socks but I think it looks like honeycomb, I'm liking it, I think it will make me smile in the winter and think of warm summer days.

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