Thursday, 13 May 2010

Harmony Guide to Knitting Techniques

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Any other info: 0711100640, 1993, Lyric Books

Types of patterns: How-to

Number of Patterns: 1

Split of patterns: Men/women/children - Family sized pattern

Size Range:20-30" for children and 32-42" for adults

Colour/Black & White: mostly colour, though the drawings are restricted

Schematics: no, not for the supplied pattern, though in the "Working from a pattern" section "Measurment diagrams" are mentioned

Target Audience: Beginner, could lead to intermeditate or expert behaviour!

How to knit guide: Yes, actually this is what this book is about.

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Classic

Comments: this 96 page book takes you though learning how to knit, learning how the fabric is constructed (in the English manner) and how to do all sorts of techniques (including short-row shaping, labelled Working and turning. It explains grafting, in garter and in rib, it explains a multitude of methods of working and gives a few samples of colourwork, cables, lace etc. It also has a good section on finishing. It's a good basic how-to book that's a little dated but not much. The illustrations are clear and probably better than photographs and photographs are judiciously scattered where it helps.

There is one garment listed, a family guernsey garment, knit in the round with underarm gussetts for children and adults.

Buy/Borrow: If you're looking for a good basic reference work that you can carry around, you could do much worse. The index is pretty good and the information is clear. It is a bit dated but not too much so it would be available cheaply making it an ideal accompanyment to a knitting bag.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has a few copies.

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