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Debbie Bliss' Celtic Collection

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Types of patterns: Garments

Number of Patterns: The over 25 comes in at 26 (The numbers won't work, several patterns are offered in child and adult sizing): Women's Cardigan (7); Scarf (2); Jumper Men(3); Jumper children(3); baby cardigan (3); Baby Socks (2); Cardigan children (2); Jumper Women (2); Baby top (1) Hat (1); Baby Jumper (1); Baby Wrap

Split of patterns: Men/women/children all of the above

Size Range: 32-38 (women) child 2-10 years (22.5-43.25"); Men (48-53.5"); Baby 6-24 months

Colour/Black & White: Colour throughout

Schematics: NO!

Target Audience: Beginner with some Intermediate work

How to knit guide: No

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Modern but some classics

Comments: "Inspired by the legends and the landscapes of the Celts" according to Debbie this is a book with some rustic looking touches. An excuse to play with some fairisle and cables.

First out we have Fair Isle Cardigan with Chenile Edging. Button up to the neck with horizontal stripes. The chenille edging is quite a nice touch.

Fair Isle Scarf has a 13 row fair isle motif either end, knit flat and then joined down the middle. If you were looking to learn how to do fair isle, probably a good starter piece, though the over 40" of plain knitting might just be hard work.

Simple Sweater with Collar - deep rib, plain body with dropped sleeves and a ribbed collar, perfect, simple plain jumper for children or men.

Denim Tunic with Pockets - for kids up to 5 this is a plain tunic, with two pockets in moss stitch, it wouldn't be a Debbie Bliss pattern book without at least one pattern with moss stitch!

Boxy Aran Jacket
- cropped to the waist and quite wide this is not the most flattern garment I've seen. The shallow pockets do not really work for me.

Classic Fair Isle Cardigan
and socks - for babies aged 6-26 months this button to the neck cardigan and socks with fair isle tops reflects the earlier fair isle cardigan, using half the motif for the pattern.

Smock Jacket - Cables help pull in the piece with cabling on the body and smocking on the sleeves and collar. Quite sweet piece for a 1-3 year old.

Herringbone and moss stitch Sweater
- A jumper for men from size 32-46, polo necked.

Lace Jacket
- Lace chevrons on this v-necked cardigan - arty shot of thistles obscure the photograph of the cardigan, knit in black (pet hate!!) so any hope of knowing any detail is lost.

Lace Alpaca Scarf
- Lace chevron scarf, in alpaca.

Child's Zipped Jacket
- designed for ages 3-5 this piece has a fair isle pattern across the chest, making this otherwise fairly plain pocketed jacket quite interesting (photographed child seems determined to test the pockets to destruction!)

Cabled Hearts Sweater - drop shouldered girly jumper designed for ages 3-5, knit in Denim it also features a cute hem.

Cashmere Crossover Top - not a lot of sizes offered for this top but it's not a bad version of the type, only pity is that it's only is sizes 32-36"

Lace and Cable Tunic - offered in only one size this is a fairly pretty piece, knit in denim this would appear to be more for teens than adults. has pockets.

Moss stitch denim jacket - baby jacket in her signature moss stitch with pockets - quite sweet.

Cabled Tweed Jacket - for women, quite a nice piece, this has cables running lengthwise it buttons near the top with a small collar, has a vent in the back and would appear to be fitted but no schematics so I'm only guessing here! Also only comes in 34" & 36".

Shaped Denim Jacket - Women's cardigan with cables and moss stitch and it would appear to have shaping - photographs don't tell enough!!! Again only offered in 34" and 36"

Longline Aran Tunic - one size to fit 34-38" this is a sloppy joe style with a very deep neck.

Argyle Twinset - Baby short sleeved top and cardigan with argyle pattern along the chest of the top and along the bottom and end of sleeves of the cardigan to fit from 6 months to 3 years.

Shawl Collared Sweater - knit in chunky yarn this is a basic drop shouldered mens' jumper to fit sizes 48.75-55"

Beret - Beret with fair isle patterning.

Fair Isle Sweater with Socks - personally speaking I have to admit that the neckline on this doesn't work for me, nor does the pockets. It's got a open collar, I would be tempted to tweak it. The socks with the fair isle cuffs are cute.

Fair Isle Baby Wrap - is what it is sizes a little under 19x30" I would be very tempted to line this one if I was giving it to someone for use with a child, floats and babies aren't always a good combination.

Chenille Jacket - small shawl collar, moss stitch edges to this button front cardigan, uses the velvet look of chenille well.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do own a copy of this book, I've just never really looked all that critically at it and to be honest I would have fitted the sizing when I bought it (ah youth!). The pictures are arty, the kids look cute but I dislike the fact that it lacks schematics, there's no real way to work out what the garments would look like without knitting them, she does occasionally use charts but a lot of the cables are written out line for line.

Buy/Borrow: Borrow it, look at it critically and you might find something you would like in it. I've seen it going cheap a lot of places. Some of the patterns are quite good and the mens patterns fall into the men would wear this range! I know many people who have said that Debbies kids stuff is in the large size. I find it amusing that she has more sizing for kids than adults.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries have a few copies.

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