Sunday, 21 March 2010

Another Finished Object

I finished a crochet top from Everyday Crochet(Amazon UK Link)
Everyday Crochet (Amazon US Link) link Ravelry Link that came into the libraries recently, and is currently on order from the Book Depository for me!

the top is called Sweet Tea; made in some Debbie Bliss Prima; a yarn that's 80% Bamboo and 20% merino, bought on sale in This is Knit

sweet tea

The pattern called for 4.5mm but I got gauge with 4mm. Once I was left with only 2 balls and I had row 2 done, I did the straps and top finishing with 3.5mm hook. Then I returned to the bottom of the piece with the remaining yarn using a 4.5mm needle to get a bit of a flare. My Ravelry Project notes are here

No I didn't change my clothes for the shot, I actually was accidentally wearing matching clothes.