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Couture Crochet Workshop

(UK Amazon Link)Couture Crochet Workshop: Mastering Fit, Fashion, and Finesse(US Amazon Link) Ravelry Link
Any other info: 1596680083, 2006, Interweave Press

Types of patterns: Women's garments and some accessories

Number of Patterns: 26

Split of patterns: Women

Size Range: 36"-58" (not in all garments)

Colour/Black & White: Colour photographs, some black & White

Schematics: Yes, with a lot of detail to allow for modification

Target Audience: This is more meant for Advanced or nearly advanced intermediate. This is for people looking to do some serious design and modification.

How to Crochet guide: No, there are some tips but this is not a beginners book. Note it's also US terms, UK crocheters beware.

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Some Classical but some very modern looks here

Comments: I'm not the target audience for this book. I'm not advanced enough in crochet to really use it well enough and the patterns didn't have me reaching for my hook. It would be a book I'd come back to if I was going to go into crochet design as a lot of the information at the beginning of the book is quite useful. Doesn't just use her own brand yarn

But the patterns didn't really catch my attention. Many will need a slip or undergarment to make them publicly acceptable.

(Pattern Links are to Ravelry, you'll need an account to view)
Suits me Jacket and Skirt: Seamed with post-stitches, this has a classical look to it, the skirt has a matching style. The top has an interesting colourwork. Looks somewhat boxy and I'd be inclined to make the collar narrower if I was going to make it, it's not the best look for the model. Like the skirt but then again, purple is my colour.

Maiko Jacket: I'd like to see this one in a plainer yarn to really see how it comes together. The book has it in a furry yarn and I'm not a fan. Interesting hem detail. Would like a photo of the back to make a full judgement

Positive/Negative Twin Set. Using two colours to trim each piece and working with the dominant yarn on one as trimming on the other this is an interesting looking piece. Sleeveless top, button to neck cardigan that has quite a Chanel look, only without pockets.

Not so Bling Jewellery: Jewellery in crochet with some beading.

Full Metal Jacket: Chanel inspired jacket in a metallic yarn with fun-fur trim. Yeah. Do I need to comment further? The style isn't bad and could be toned down if you wanted to.

Two-Toned cape: Cape with shoulder shaping, not bad

Cossack Hat: Exactly what it says

It's in the bag: Rectangular bag with covering large beads, you would need to be careful about this, the beads in the first variant would be murder on tights or easily snagged garments. The handle looks a little overlong for the style of bag.

Coming Full Circle Vest: Circular waistcoat thing, sits a bit off the shoulder in the pictures so it could be something that may need attention.

Molly Ringwald Stole and Dress: Pretty in Pink moment. Lace stone and dress, the top of the dress is solid with a lace skirt. Definitely would need undergarments with this, slip or half slip. Bodice is worked up from the waist and then the skirt worked down.

Lady who Lunches Sheath and Gloves: All-over lace sleeveless dress with sleeveless opera length gloves (i.e. above elbow) Writer uses fatal phrase "fashion-forward" in the description. Undergarments definitely needed.

Ensemble-Acting Tunic and Skirt: It's a JUMPER, a slightly v-necked jumper. With some shaping. Matching skirt designed to be above the knee. Undergarments needed.

Skirting the Issue: "Light as air and drapey as sin" this needs a slip or half slip to make it modest as it's very openwork, designed to be below the knee.

Bollywood Tunic: Openwork lace with beads this is designed to be a over-garment to be ornamental, could be lovely for a wedding. Sleeves could be worked seperately.

Bolero: Scallop shell pattern, stripe underbust in contrast yarn that also trims, this is a short-sleeved piece that is one of the few I actually liked.

Hat: To match the top, not worn in pictures.

Flying Trapeze Tunic and Hat: the hat I like. While the trapeze construction of the top may flatter most the horizontal stripes don't. Interesting play with the stripes where it starts with the darkest stripe as the widest at the bottom and becomes thinner over the garment.

Chic Chevron Pullover: Afghan crochet technique. This does absolutely NOTHING for the model, it fits in all the wrong places and just plain makes her boobs look like they've drifted south. Perhaps if you dropped the neckline, no, it's a box it still would look wrong, a bit of shaping might help. I'm trying to see the good in this but no, failing.

Altar Halter and Let your Fingers Do the Walking Gloves. It's a chevron, v shaped in the back and inverted v to the front, two straps coming from the point in the front to "where bra straps might begin". Possibly if you were getting married in Vegas... The Gloves are fingerless with a finger ring.

Yes, the book has some good parts but I won't be buying it anytime soon.

Buy/Borrow: Borrow to see if it has things you want out of it, if it does then buy but I wasn't incredibly impressed.

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has a few in circulation.

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