Wednesday, 3 March 2010

March 10 for '10 update

My updates:
1. knit through some of the stash - so far this year I’ve knit about 3500m
2. destash some of the nasties either by giving it away or using it up. still looking blindly at this
3. practice spinning still hoping
4. sell or just publish some of my designs next on my list of things to do
5. Buy/obtain less yarn than I use. used 3500 bought about 9134, failing this
6. review my queue try to knit at least 10 items from it The ravelympics ate into my queue, Mrs Beeton, Brigit, Sunflower Tam, Burning Embers, 4-corners dishcloth, diagonal dishcloth, 198 yards, Ridged lace cowl were on my queue, earlier this year I knit Spring forward and Hemlock from my queue so with 10 done, this ambition is officially finished but I’m upping it to 30, so now I’m 1/3 of the way there.
7. Knit at least 10 pairs of socks third pair finished, I’m en route for this
8. knit from my bookstash, from at least one book I haven’t knit from before. I’ve knit from New Pathways for Sock Knitters and from Knitting Nature, so keeping with this
9. seriously review my book collection. some whistling now
10. Review more of the books in my collection, try for 26 reviews (one a fortnight) I’ve kept up with this, I think I’ve done about 10 so far

10A: organise my knitting blog. working on it instead of my regular blog, will have to make up some balance here

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