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Heirloom Knits

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Types of patterns: Household

Number of Patterns: 22: Cushion Cover (6); Baby Blanket (2); Rug (4); Throw (3); Bolster (1), Lampshade (1); Curtain (1); Tieback (1); Quilt/counterpane (2); Baby Pouch (1)

Split of patterns: one size

Size Range: none

Colour/Black & White: Colour photos but most work is in white.

Schematics: none

Target Audience: Intermediate, some crochet required for some projects

How to knit guide: some basic stuff

Experimental/Classical/Modern: modern classics

Comments: Most of the patterns are in white including the rugs, which is often great for photographs but not so great for practicality. Much of them are the kind of fancy thing that really people admire from a distance, some are made so open that I have to wonder about the practicality. Some of the patterns are split so the end is in the back (a practice I hate!)

Twined Cushion Cover - a woven pattern with a tufted fancy wool that I would have a sneaking suspicion is currently out of production, it could probably be substituted with a handspun fancy or beginners yarn. Medieval knot toggle fastening is done with crochet but could be done with i-cord.
Quilted Baby Blanket - pretty basic blanket then quilted and edged, could be very interesting if contrast colour thread was used for the quilting.
Whitework Cushion - checkerboard cushion with crocheted appliqued flowers and long ornate fringe.
Vintage Floor Rug - Cotton rug with appliquéd braid and flowers
Lacy Leaf Throw - linen, 5 panels with an edge and openwork insertions. Looks pretty complicated.
Lace and eyelet bolster: bolster with appliquéd scrollwork i-cord, braided i-cord on the end with tassels
Lace and Flower Decor - Lampshade, panel and tieback, lampshade would need lining, crocheted flowers attached, no real picture of the panel but it's described as a cafe panel. Almost looks like broomstick lace.
Honeycomb throw - Quilt up in panels that are then crocheted together at the end, no complete picture given to give a true idea how this looks on a bed.
Candlewick cushion: French knot flowers embroidered on a cushion and a picot point lace edging used. You would have to LOVE french knots to do this one in it's entirety, it's also a freeform design with no guidance except the pictures, theres a suggestion to use a transfer design if you don't want to go freeform. (this one is one of the colour exceptions, the background cushion is in white and the embroidery and edging is in mauve!) There is some shades of mauve and white used in the embroidery which isn't listed in the list of essentials.
Basketweave Cushion: knit 40 strips in garter stitch, weave them.
Rag Rug Sampler: knit some yarns with some fabric in a few different patterns, picture doesn't really show the variety or detail.
Classic Baby Blanket, knit triangles like a counterpane, sew together, knit edging, use crochet flowers as intersection ornaments.
Art Deco Quilt - it's straight lines or squares so it must be art deco. Knit squares, sew them together (closeups not impressing me with professionality) in staggered pattern line and tie lining to top with contrasting pieces of fabric.
The Garden Plot Counterpane - yes it is, the classic garden plot pattern, done in squares, sewn together with a garter stitch edging and fringing.
Ruffled Cushion - Triangle pattern cushion giving an interesting 3-d effect, fabric ruffle attached.
Circular throw - huge pom-poms edge this piece that also has bobbles knitted in (not that I noticed until I started reading) afterwards appliqué leaves on to create a sunflower effect (in white of course!), bonus pom-pom to cover up the centre.
Box Cushion - would possibly be more useful if you could attach it to a seat instead of having ties but still not bad, some contrasting threads used for embellishment.
Denim Rug - for the I-cord enthusiast, for the small rug knit a 6 stitch i-cord for 3x450cm in one colour and 2x250 cm in another colour. Then you need to knit some embellishments. You would need to know 4 cord braiding. Features COLOUR!
Baby Pouch - in a tufted yarn knit a baby holder.
Recycled Rug - using plastic bags and Rowan yarn knit a rug that can only be spot cleaned. Because you have orphaned Rowan yarn looking to be made into this. Another project with colour

Buy/Borrow: Borrow, look, perhaps something will make you want to knit, nothing here made me want to

Where found: Borrowed via ILL from Fingal.

Also reviewed here by sheknitupthatball who is not quite impressed either!

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