Friday, 19 March 2010

Crochet Galway Bay Square

As yesterday was St Patrick's Day I felt a need to do something vaguely Irish so I rooted through my collection of Irish Crochet Books and found Irish Crochet Designs and Projects (Amazon UK Link)Irish Crochet Designs and Projects (Amazon US Link) and in it is a pattern for a Bedspread called the Galway Bay Bedspread and I decided to make it in DK yarn and just make it a big ass motif and some day attach it to a cushion and have it as a feature piece. I did the maths, this one weights 68g and is about 15" (or approx 30cm), so to make a 90x120" bedspread I would need 3.264kg of cotton yarn. Now while I might have a fair bit of cotton yarn that's a lot of yarn and a fairly big weight of bedspread!

001 Yes it's not square for the photo that would take a lot more effort than I have at 1 am in the morning.

Why the Galway Bay Square? I'm actually from Galway originally so it attracted me to it, the disadvantage of this pattern was that it's in US terms, which meant some ripping as I went. I also had a minor error early on that had 9 sections rather than 8 and I had to restart half way through. At this stage I was starting to get pretty headachy and the crochet errors weren't helping. UK terms are one above US, which means that what UK calls Doubles the US calls singles, sometimes it can be hard to work out if a book is US or UK and really publishers should take a few seconds, if they don't have a how-to, to give a small paragraph to say that there are differences and which one they're using.