Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sometimes I could scream

I figured that having removed the bobbles, ripped it back because I had the wrong size the first time and having knitting opportunity due to ill I'd have this done soon.


I mean it looks good
but it's only 44" at the moment with about another repeat left in it, and with about 5" per repeat that's going to maybe take me to 50". Even with allowing for my shortness (I'm 5'1" or 61") and the fact that generally wrist to wrist measurements = height that's still going to be too short. Each ball is giving me approximately 17" of knitting, so another ball would give me 67", still short of the magical 71" the pattern calls for, but would get me over the 61" absolute minimum. The pattern is Versatility from Knitty; my pattern notes Ravelry Link

Whats worse? I'm pretty sure I bought the last few balls of this colourway in This is Knit when I got it. Hopefully I can get more of it. Going to put it in a project bag, mark it as hibernating and see if I can find more of the yarn (Royal Purple Flutter)

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