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Colour book review

Kristin Knits(US Link, same book different title)Ravelry Link
Any other info: 0715329189, 2008, David & Charles

Types of patterns: accessories/garments

Number of Patterns:27 Scarf (5); Afghan (1); Hat (5); Boot Topper (1); Socks (5); Fingerless Gloves (1); Mittens (3); Gloves (1); Jumper(4); Cardigan (1)

Split of patterns: Men/women/children

Size Range: Children(26.5"-32") Adult 38"-54"

Colour/Black & White; Colour, lots and lots of colour

Schematics: Yes for 3 of the 5 garments

Target Audience: intermediate

How to knit guide: no basics but a pretty detailed colourwork guide.

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Modern and experimental

Comments: The colour theory is well illustrated, the how-to on colourwork is quite interesting but good gods the garments...

Pattern Links to Ravelry
Polka Dot Scarf - embroider, use pom-poms or knit in bobbles in a contrast yarn.
Dotty Striped Scarf- vertical stripe scarf with french knot bobbles embroidered in after and pompoms at the end.
Collegiate Scarf - another vertical stripe garter stitch scarf this time with a slight checkerboard pattern.
Floral and tasseled scarf with mitred corners - again cast on lengthwise this has a mitered edge worked on afterwards and embroidered flowers, this could be a good practice piece for working mitered borders on shawls etc.
Coleus Scarf - worked in the round and cut up afterwards, worked lengthways in the round so has possibilities for bravery in piece cutting, if you can see past the bright colours. Bobbles also included, again in french knots.
Navajo-inspired afghan. Diamonds that clash. Again worked in the round, could possibly be interesting in less garish colours.
Sister-love striped hats - striped cylinder hats sewn across the top, pompoms or tassels and embroidery detail.
The Twins' beanies - slightly different reverse stocking stitch detail in either 3 or 5 colours, tapered at the top and pompoms, finished off with french knots along the crown.
Kaleidoscope cap - Bobble edged has diamonds and an interesting radiating pattern on the crown, with some minor embroidery and duplicate stitch and the ubiquitus french knots. One of the few in the book that I would be tempted to knit with some tweaking (the bobble edging would be the first against the wall); has technique learning possibilities but I have better patterns
Bull's eye: Circles on circles in this hat, some embroidery to "enhance" some of the circles along the sides with a concentric circle top. Interesting.
Waves and tassels- the hat has 4 rows of a wave pattern to start into fair isle technique. Embroidered to enhance the wave and then french knots make another appearance, then they hid the hat under tassels.
Boot Toppers - described as a gauge swatch in the round, to me they have no real use or interest.
Be happy, be colorful socks: Her socks seem to always have a reverse stocking stitch band just before the heel flap, these are done in a mix of colours in a worsted weight or dk yarn.
Wild and Woolly socks - again worsted or dk weight by the needle size. these have french knots before the heel flap and cross stitches along the rib
Atlantic and Pacific Socks - bobble or decorative roll edge, two-colour rib, contrasting heel and toe...
Autumn Leaves Socks - again heavyweight socks in worsted or dk, 4 colours, roll-edge socks stripes and fair isle work.
Persian Carpet Socks: Colourwork goes mad, again with the rolltop, heavy weight yarn, 5 colours and some duplicate stitch to acentuate the clashing colours
Fingerless Flower gloves: Colourwork gloves with embroidered flowers.
Olivia's and Celia's Mittensversion IIOlivias mittens alone: Striped mittens with either lazy daisy or french knot decoration
Dots and checks mittens: not both at the same time but either dots or checks and contrasting cuffs.
Nordic-inspired mittens - if you left the french knots off the cuffs these actually aren't bad. A good pattern to start trying the colourwork technique.
Put it all together gloves : Mad contrasting yarn with bright colourwork bodies and plain fingers, duplicate stitch "enhances" the body.
Ode to Picasso - Striped to the armholes then plain garter stitch top with optional embroidery, polo neck jumper.
Circles, Bobbles, and stripes - this jumper has it all. Pompoms on a drawstring, bobble edged, circles "enhanced" with embroidery, 5 colours, I found it amusing that the main picture was pretty blurred.
Diamond Panes; Horizontal band of boxes to the bottom, picot edging that's added later, worked in the round with steeks for the armholes and front neck, 6, yes SIX colours, lazy daisy embroidery this is a fling as many techniques at a garment and see what sticks.
Striped turtleneck in the round: Reverse stocking stitch ridges of several (5) contrasting shades. Polo neck, french knots along the neck this is one for the thin, it's knit from the neck down.
Embroidered fair isle cardigan: Be afraid, be very afraid, steeking, mismatched geometric patterns, floral embroidery, 8 colours, mitred edging, zip with pompom detail...

This is a bit of a riot in a paint factory, the colours seem to fight rather than work and I really didn't feel inspired to run off for my needles and try any of them. A few stood out as being less bad or actually workable but most made me just boggle. Yes, there are people who knit socks in heavier wools but that's not me. I also wear boots almost all the time and the only thing that I can think of with those ridges is discomfort rather than interest. I do get the trying to make people think about more colour and different designs but this doesn't appeal to me. At all.

Buy/Borrow: Borrow and see if it inspires you, I suspect this would divide people into two camps those who like it and those who think it's a bit much. Your mileage may vary.

Where found: Interlibrary loan from Galway Libraries, it's going back without much of a pause on my desk, I want it gone.

this is one book that myself and She Knit up that Ball largely agree on! See her review here I blame looking for it on her!

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