Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Knitting Quote

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This book is mostly a crossover Horror/Mystery/Dark Fantasy read but on page 132 in the UK Edition

"At four a.m., Donal was exploring a room in his apartment, a room that he'd scarcely been inside. In a small chest of drawers, he found bundles of soft, dyed mammoth wool in a dozen different colours, along with knitting-needles, a just-started scarf of burgundy and silver, and a knitting-algorithm, printed in purple in flimsy paper, that indicated how the scarf-knitting was to proceed.

"Laura. I didn't know you could do this stuff

"It was nothing that Donal had ever watched or thought about, but the instructions were mathematical in a way that reminded him of his brief stint in Artillery School, and it wasn't as if he needed to sleep. There might be more useful ways for a zombie to pass the night-time hours, but what the Hades - no one could be serious twenty-five hours a day, nine days a week.

"He picked up the needles and wool, read the algorithm through once more, and then tried to follow the instructions.

"It took seventeen minutes to get the rhythm going, and two minutes more to decide that however much amusement he might get by taking his knitting in to the task force office, it wasn't for him. He threw everything back into the drawer."

I love the way it's phrased, this is an alternative world and it's such a throwaway scene. I also love the knitting-algorithm idea instead of knitting pattern.

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