Wednesday, 3 February 2010

10 for '10

Posted these on Ravelry but just posting them here for some updates and references

1. knit through some of the stash
2. destash some of the nasties either by giving it away or using it up.
3. practice spinning
4. sell or just publish some of my designs
5. Buy/obtain less yarn than I use.
6. review my queue try to knit at least 10 items from it
7. Knit at least 10 pairs of socks (this year I’ve almost made it to 12, I’m actually knitting my 12th pair)
8. knit from my bookstash, from at least one book I haven’t knit from before.
9. seriously review my book collection.
10. Review more of the books in my collection, try for 26 reviews (one a fortnight)
10A: organise my knitting blog.

So far I've been knitting up some of the stash (1); I'm on my second pair of socks this year (adult sized anyway)(7); I've knit samples from the Cat Bordi Sock book (8) and want to knit more, and I've been posting outstanding book reviews, I might actually make it to 52 book reviews this year, one per week. Though I still bought some yarn, it's still less than I have knit up.

I also knit a few items from my queue and then I got bored, and read some sock and cowl group posts, I now have 625 items in my queue. I want to get this down! I have to get this down. I found out that I can search projects in the search pattern area of ravelry for weight and such, so this is getting stuff out of the queue, still, pretty scary stuff.

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