Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Designer Knitting

Name of Book: Designer Knitting
Author: Hugh Ehrman ed.
Any other info: 1986, Century, 0712630236

Types of patterns: Garments

Number of Patterns:

Split of patterns: Men/women/children

Size Range: Oversized

Colour/Black & White: Both in the photos and B&W hcarts, mostly hand drawn.

Schematics: No

Target Audience: intermediate to advanced

How to knit guide Yes

Mostly classic 80's some could survive into now.

Comments: Sue Bradley; Sue Duckworth; Kaffe Fassett; Annabel Fox; Mary Hobson; Zoe Hunt; Sasha Kagan all have patterns in this.

Sue Bradley:
Japanese Stripe - jumper with a button-on collar, false buttoning for a double breasted look and batwing sleeves. While she claims Yoshimi Kihara it could also be inspired by Mondarin
Batwing - a side-to side, asymetric cardigan that makes my head hurt, described as "roomy"
Crisp Cotton - I looked at it and wondered what the collar looked like under the frill and then read the description, the frill is the collar *headdesk* Loose fitting with fair isle in a "fine mercerized cotton so it will be quite time-consuming to knit". Time possibly spent in wiser pursuits

Susan Duckworth:
Ruched Cardigan - if the title wasn't enough can I also throw in Fair Isle motifs, she did
String of beads - cotton jumper with bobbles and horizontal stripes, together
Basketweave Sweater - Could be interesting, entrelac piece with fairly small squares, I think that leaving the pattern out could be a good thing, the 3/4 length sleeves actually compliment it.
Tartary - Big Flowers on a cotton jacket. The photographer found matching trousers. My brain hurts.
Peony - "roomy" with leaves and flowers and "wide full sleeves"

Kaffe Fassett
Jeweled Stripes - a sleeveless pullover with multiple stripes, only for the thin
Feathers - Kaffe's Classic Feathers pattern, interesting and complicated but with a very boxy look here in a unisex cardigan.
Chintz - busy large flower big fitting sweater. Not one of my favourites of his.
Star Jacket - Big bulky jacket with large stars

Annabel Fox
Viking - boxy heraldic jumper that you could possibly knit for a man by eliminating most of the designs in favour of one or two.
Caribbean Cotton - Abstract fruit and flowers on a cropped jumper

Mary Hobson
Scottie - a cardigan with a high FRILLED collar a row of scotties, puffed sleeves and applied frill. *shudder*
Florentine Check - roll neck sweater with a grid pattern emphasised by metal studs, without them this would be quite a boring jumper.
Harlequin - an almost polo shirt but with 3/4 length sleeves and a busy diamond pattern in vertical stripes.
Geometric - Blocks of colour in a boxy jumper with a collared neckline. Quite busy but has potential for subtler shades
Purely Pretty. Well if your pretty has slit sleeves, anghora, cabled ribs and puff sleeves, yeah, pretty.
Bobbles for two - Squares of bobbles interspersed with plain squares, and there are multiple colour bobbles.
Honeycomb - Pink, Mohair, dolman-sleeve, frilled ruff collar, tasselled ties.... need I say more?

Zoe Hunt
Chinese Puzzle - Kids jersey with tangram style shapes.
Peacock Jacket - Zoe Hunt - puff sleeved, short cardigan with mohair
Nordic Jazz - I'm really not sure where the nordic comes in here but this is a pretty busy kids jumper, you might convince a kid into it but I'm not sure that many adults would be convinced into the adult version.

Sasha Kagan
Aztec - slipover with horizontal stripes that uses interesting textile mix and ideas.

Buy/Borrow: If you own any Kaffe Fasset books you have the patterns, this is a trainwreck of a book

Where found: Dublin City Public Libraries has a copy.

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