Sunday, 28 February 2010

Wrist warmers

I decided yesterday to try for another medal or two and Mrs Beeton was lurking on my queue and I then realised that it also was beaded so that was a bonus. Some Beads from the Firesale in Yellow Brick Road matched the purple yarn left from the socks I just finished and it sounded like I had about the right amount of it left to do them (I was almost right, two rows out actually but it's not all that noticeable!) I also had a yarn that would blend that I got in Dublin Woolen Mills.

The beading caused some serious swearing! The beads are JUST big enough so it took a bit of work to get them to go on.

Mrs Beeton with ruffle down With the ruffle down

Mrs Beeton with ruffle up with the ruffle up, like I'm wearing them right now. They're warming on my wrists. I think they will look cool ruffle side down under my grey coat.

ETA: The beads are actually have an offset centre, which made them quite good for this, I would use this style of bead again for edging on a knitted project.


  1. They're very pretty, love the beads. You have a huge haul of medals at this stage, well done.

  2. Thanks Bionic Laura, by my count I should have 13 at the end of the day.