Tuesday, 2 February 2010

January's Socks

Technically, I knit three pairs of socks in January.
The first go to show why if you're knitting from Noro Sock Yarn you knit from both ends of the ball instead of weighing...

Both socks used half the weight of the ball, note the different tidelines for the other yarn. Which was a Lidl yarn. He likes them so it's okay, I like the blue and bright green in them. They're Eunice from Cookie A's Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques and Patterns for One-of-a Kind Socks

So over the weekend I was in Galway and I used that opportunity to try out some of the techniques from New Pathways for Sock Knitters (Book 1)
(UK Amazon Link) and having a year old niece this was just begging to be made. I bought some wool and knit the two sample socks.
not 100% happy with the joins and the third pair were technically finished today, something to do with putting them aside after knitting and forgetting about sewing in the ends until today.

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