Saturday, 27 February 2010

Regal Brigit

These socks have been helped by the cold weather- myself and my husband travel by Motorbike (driven by him) to work but when theres frost and ice we don't go so this gives me time while travelling by bus.

I just finished these a few minutes ago!

Brigit Socks

Brigit by Monkey Toes is the pattern and it looks a lot better in real life, the cables don't look as good when they're at rest as they do when they're on. I mostly did these as cables without a cable needle but occasionally I didn't quite hit the three strands which meant I used a cable needle as it does fuzz a little when split. It is fairly easy to split the yarn but I do like how it looks. It's using Wildfoote Luxury Sock yarn in Purple Splendor

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