Saturday, 27 February 2010


Dishcloths can be fun to knit, they're also a good way of curing yourself of feeling like your knitting is precious!

These two are made using short-rows, a method of knitting where you don't knit all the way to the end so you can create shapes.

The Four-corner dishcloth
for this one you knit it in four pieces forming corners as you go and then graft it together. I'm not 100% happy with the graft but for something to do cleaning up with it's not a bad thing, if I make another few of them or ones like it I can practice it more. This is another good thing with Dishcloths, slight flaws and minor errors aren't really important to the dirt you're sweeping up or scrubbing off!

A Multidirectional Diagonal Dishcloth.
this one is a good introduction to short-row diagonals. If you're thinking about knitting a scarf with this technique this is a good practice piece!

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