Saturday, 6 February 2010

Gift for a Steam Iron

A colleague in work decided that because I was having a stressful week and one of my last straws was not being able to find my iron that I needed one, I decided that he needed something and I thought this might be a good response.

A scarf. It's double sided and actually quite warm and nice and it's made out of wool from Lidl that I had in the house. It's warm and washable and that's good because my colleague isn't all that bothered about serious care of garments.


It's also almost impossible to photograph because of the colours, it has three strands of colour in the yarn, white, grey and black and it's quite soft. It took four balls of the yarn and is long enough I think, five would be long enough for me but it's a bit bulky for me. Husband thinks it's a good man scarf. The pattern was Steam Scarf (link to PDF) free from's free patterns

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