Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Everyday Style - Classic Knits for Women

Name of Book: Everyday Style- Classic Knits for women
Author: Carol Rasmussen Noble
Any other info: 156477595X, Martingale, 2006

Types of patterns: Garments with a few accessories

Number of Patterns: 14: Jumper (6); Top (5); Shawl (1); Cardigan (2)

Split of patterns: Women

Size Range: 34-52 (these sizes aren't reflected in all patterns but are a random sampling)

Colour/Black & White: Colour

Schematics: yes

Target Audience: Beginner to early intermediate

How to knit guide: Yes, with some advice on things like buttonhole placement and other useful hints, however the author takes on a little bit of a "my way is best attitude"

Experimental/Classical/Modern: Wavers between Classical and Modern

Comments: does not feel like a 2006 book, comes across as earlier. For me it commits one of the cardinal sins of knitwear books, several of the patterns have no pictures on real people, this often leads me to wonder if there is something fundamentally wrong with the design. Some of the designs are quite interesting, none made me want to reach for my needles, and some just made me want to ask the author what she was thinking.

Pleated Shirt: It's a JUMPER not a shirt, a jumper with a collar, knitted in shetland wool (Aran weight) with an interesting stitch detail, it claims that it's flattering due to the patterning and slimming, however no picture of a real person in it means we have no way of judging this, the cuff and collar detail is interesting.

Peonies: An interesting top, listed as worsted weight yarn, the shell/fan pattern will cling to "assets". This top features on most copies as the cover. Could be a good pattern, could be too clingy for some

Desert Lichen: Square top with collar. No person pictured, light worsted weight yarn

Gansey Gold: this gansey with a long rib looks interesting and has potential, no person pictured in it. Knit in worsted

Highland Mist: A Crest o'the Wave stole in laceweight, modelled

Mrs Laidlaw's Pattern: A pretty typical fingering-weight jumper in a pretty typical pattern. Looks okay.

Spring Surprise: Fitted vest or top. CHUNKY NOVELTY YARN alert, with ribbon ties. This is actually modeled by a person... and it's actually FITTED!

Sand and shore: A cardigan in DK, with a pretty simple overall pattern, round neck cardigan, not modeled.

Pralines and Cream: Chunky Thick and Thin yarn., boxy jumper with a small detail around the neck.

Tweed Comfort: DK polo-knit jumper with moss stitch overall pattern, boxy, modelled

Sea and Seashells: While this is also boxy, the pattern helps fit it to a person, light worsted weight, slash neck jumper, modelled.

Blue Hawaii: Bottom Lace and turtleneck, this is actually begging to be given a different neckline. Pretty on some it would be unflattering on others, modelled. DK weight

Starburst: Fluffy yarn tank top, unmodelled (I wouldn't have)

Watercolours: Round neck cardigan that's almost a v-neck, raglan sleeves. Modelled in a size that looks a little small for the model. Worsted weight it's a good pattern for variagated yarns and the fronts and back are knit in one piece to the armholes.

Overall not a bad read but really let down by not having some not modelled. A mixed bag of patterns that are possibly more beginner or beginner stretching their skills than where I'm at.

Buy/Borrow: Borrow, you might like it enough to buy but to be honest there are better patterns on Knitty.

Where found: Interlibrary Loan via Borrowbooks from Donegal

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