Sunday, 21 February 2010


Rogue is possibly one of the pieces that has been resting for the longest. I bought the pattern about 3 computers ago, I seem to recall printing it out on the desktop in our bedroom. I had the body of the piece sitting waiting for me to get the finger out and do the sleeves. I had decided to do it as a cardigan and without the hood as I'm not really a hood person. I inverted the

As one of the events in the Ravelmypics is to finish a WIP this seemed like a good opportunity and a great incentive to finish the damned thing. Especially as I really only had a small amount to do, the body is knit in the round and all I had to do was to knit the sleeves, sew the sleeves, sew in the hems and find a fastening for it. The hardest part was finding a fastening! Hickeys only had black frogging and while the one I found in the Dublin Woollen Mills is okay it's not absolutely what I wanted, still it's now finished and if I find something different I can use it to fix it. The collar also needs a little stitch or two to fasten them down.

Rogue Cardigan

Sleeve detail

Back of the collar:

I'd knit this again, possibly with a plain edging or possibly with an open cable to take buttons...


  1. Hi - I quite like thecable edging that you have made. Did you by chance write it up? I guess I could work something out, but it would be soooo much easier if it's already available.


  2. @Natalie I literally just inverted the cable pattern from the hood, increasing where there were decreases but largely the very same. I should have added in a few more stitches in the body to allow for the cables pulling in a bit.