Wednesday, 10 February 2010


For the duration of the Winter Olympics people are taking part and trying to gain their own medals...

While it’s tempting to start something. I think this might be a chance to get some things finished and decisions made about some others.

For WIP-Dancing

To start with I’ll see about finishing up the Scandanivan Style Throw from The Art of Knitting. I only (only!) need to finish about 6 squares and do all the sewing up and edge crocheting. I haven’t touched it since before Christmas so it qualifies.

If I can find it I’d also like to finish my Rogue modded to be a Cardigan. I only have to knit the sleeves and it would be done and finished and it would be pretty.
I rotated the cabling down the front (why yes, I am a masochist!)

Knotty gloves (PDF Link) haven’t been lurking as long as some others but finishing them would be nice

Plaited belt in hemp would also be good.

For Designer Pattern Skeleton
Get my dad’s scarf design up. This is great incentive to get it done
possibly also the two dublin bridges done as well.

Aerial Unwind
Top of Doooooooom
007it's way too big and way to open, it's an object exercise in why Gauge is important.

Either Aerial Unwind or WIP-Dancing

Honeycomb nice pattern but the yarn isn't really working
Camo top for him

All I’m a little unsure of so I will use this to make the choice between finishing up or ripping them and getting them off my KIP pile.

I may also take part in some others but this seems to be a good way to tidy the pile up a little.

Possible new projects:

Bag Jump
Aran bag for the netbook, this might be a little complicated as I may have to adapt it a bit for size.
Celtic Aran Tote - I have this kitted up(magazine and yarn in a bag ready) waiting to go.

On Ravelry I've marked Rogue, Scandanavian Throw and Dad's Scarf for inclusion, if I get them go I will continue to work with this list.

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